My First Destination Wedding - December!


Well, kinda. 

a few years ago, I was lucky enough to shoot the wedding of my good friend Greg and his awesome wife Kristin. That was in Pullman, WA, definitely a drive and a half. I was already wanting to find a reason to go and visit a bunch of my friends that were going to college over there, so it seemed like too grand a coincidence to pass up. 


That was one of my first weddings I ever shot; I was so exhausted at the end... didn't have a second shooter. 😅😣 This time it's going to be SO MUCH EASIER! My friend Tyler is going to help me out!! It's gonna be dope. He is a cool dude. 

On coincidences - now I am shooting Kristin's brother's wedding! He reached out to me with a wonderful email asking if I'd like to shoot his, too. It feels nice knowing that someone likes your work so much that they want you to do your thing for them as well. Here's the link to my wedding work, in case you are interested. 

We had our consultation call a couple of days ago and it was a ton of fun. More goofy stuff than I anticipated; but hey, that means that we got along pretty well :) Afterwards, Tyler and I hung out and talked shop about workflow, we went over CRM (customer relationship management) software and I showed him around how my brain works with that kind of stuff. I use one called HubSpot, and if you are in need of one you should totally use it. It's legit free. Anyone that knows me at all knows I will avoid paying money for something if I can find a way to do so, haha. Pretty official, and I felt so excited to be doing something I am so passionate about! We are really excited to see where this goes. 

I am still looking for a second shooter to come with me for the reception (it's on a different day), so if you know of anyone that would like to tag along to get some photos for their portfolio and have a bit of a road trip with me, send them my way :) 

I want to start getting more and more dedicated to working on my photography things every day, and one day hope that it could be my full time gig. I know that there are risks of getting burned out, but I want to see how it might feel to do this stuff for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Right now, I am doing things on my days off from my day job,

 If you have done photography part or full time, what are some of the things you did to elevate yourself to the next level in terms of commitment? I would love to read about it in the comments :) Or, if you have words of advice even if you didn't do photography things for work, what did you do to take your hobby and turn into something more? I feel like I am heading down the right path but would love to see a mile marker along the way. Speaking of which, I miss hiking; I want spring to get here already, hehe. :)

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Love you all! <3 Here is my cat. Have a wonderful week!