It is time for this blog to come alive.

First off, hi! 

Dudes/Dude-ettes; it has been crazy-busy up in here. So many adventures, so many fun experiences and meeting lots of great people! I'm going to start writing a lot here, so you should all read it. Sounds easy enough, right? 

There is a subscribe button on this page (right above where it says "featured posts"), and if you get signed up you'll receive an email when (and ONLY then) I post a new entry.  No spam, no one has time for spam. Unless I have to open a can to get at it. 

Then I have time for Spam.

When you press the button, a fun message pops up; I'll be curious to see what your answer is. (post in the comments!)

Still unsure on frequency for posting... how much is too much for you guys? 

Answer in the comments below. :)

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