My friend nominated me to share some of my work. Here it is. (Click to view and comment)

Hey there everyone! This will be a bit of a shorter post. I wanted to share with you a cool mini-project that I had going on for the last few days.

My friend nominated me to share three pieces of my work each day for five days; the challenge is designed for people who are a little more frightened of sharing their work with the public. Fortunately, I LOVE sharing my work, so this was a home run and I really enjoyed doing it. 

I went through some of my more recent work to post, and also went through some of my older work and added in here too. I posted the shots in order of when they were taken. Kinda cool to see the changes in my understanding of composition, exposures, saturation and the like. Fun stuff. *thumbs up* 

Also, super duper nerdy. But hey, I am a nerd so BOOMTOWN.

Anyway, enjoy!

It was fun to go through my older stuff and see the struggles I had when I was first starting out; over-saturated, composition could use some love for sure. Reflection is important in any kind of work. I think it is easy to be so focused on the here and now that we forget to look back on our past. That is where we learn the most, and can put into practice the lessons we have gleaned from history.

What other fun projects have you guys done like this? Leave a comment below with a quick blurb about it (or a quick "like" if you are too busy!) and I'll try and get a post going with that, too. :] 

Happy shooting!